Mantis Summer Offer

10 x Mantis Plus upgrades available

Buy your 360 Mantis now – save £1600/$2,000 later!

On Monday 2nd October 2017 we will be launching the Mantis 360 Plus – however the first 10 customers to buy the Mantis 360 from us NOW will secure a unique purchase deal which includes an upgrade to the 360 Plus spec for only £3900/$5000*. (RRP £19,735, $25,000*)

Your upgrade includes an all new professional grade motor and control system that gives significantly improved movement control, and a more robust and longer range radio system.

At the heart of the new control system is the “Master”: an all new hand held controller that has been created to give you exactly the kind of highly tuneable movement controls you need to easily dial in and control your speed, acceleration rate, deceleration rate and steering rates.  This gives you far smoother and more precise control over the camera movement than ever before.

Why wait? You could be using your Mantis to capture amazing footage throughout the summer months, safe in the knowledge that when the Mantis 360 Plus comes out, your Mantis will be ready for it’s upgrade to the new spec for an even better remote filming experience.

Set your camera free this Summer and save £1600/$2,000!


Please note: Offer subject to availability and the upgrade is optional.

Existing 360 Mantis units will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

* Dollar prices are shown as a guide.  Actual price will be quoted according to exchange rate at time of ordering.

** Offer available until midnight, Friday 30th June 2017

*** Please allow 1-2 weeks average upgrade turnaround period